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    CA GOPAL Mohanka
    CA GOPAL Mohanka
    14:36 12 Dec 19
    Tally stack, provide tally on cloud to access tally anywhere at low rate. Tally stack, especially Akshay commitment... towards ensuring that the customer has no glitches in running the business, very quick response to issues. Work with a good system and process style.I am satisfied customer and recommending to all please use tally provided by Tally stack.CA.Gopal Mohankaread more
    Kanav Mahajaniu
    Kanav Mahajaniu
    08:02 06 Sep 19
    Has been using services since last 1 year satisfied with the service. Quick response from support team.Thanx for the... trouble free servicesread more
    uday pandey
    uday pandey
    12:41 03 Sep 19
    The company's supporting team helps very wellAnd the service is great
    Vishal Dharmadhikari
    Vishal Dharmadhikari
    09:04 21 Aug 19
    Really delighted with their services. Being associated with them since a year, we have increased our work capacity and... efficiency by running our services on cloud. The service team is really kind and provide quick more
    sundareshwar chetty
    sundareshwar chetty
    00:14 27 Jul 19
    Very happy to have been associated with tally stack,especially Akash s commitment towards ensuring that the customer... has no glitches in running the business,very quick response to issues,work with a good system and process styleWishing Tallystack the very best in all their future endeavoursGood luckread more
    Mastek IT
    Mastek IT
    17:06 24 Jul 19
    I got Good service from akshay. He is very helpful.
    Kaustubh Chauhan
    Kaustubh Chauhan
    10:33 24 Jul 19
    The organisation is providing a great service. Having tally on cloud has various advantages to increase the... productivity of your organisation. The team at tallystack also provides various customisations which you may need specifically. The team and specially Akshay Rohra is very more
    tanwir jain
    tanwir jain
    05:29 24 May 19
    Thanks Akshay for recommending me best way to access tally anywhere at low rate! tally works perfect. Value for money.
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    Tally Based VM

    tally based vm

    With the efficient features of Tally ERP on cloud, use of modern technology like virtual machines can give you a package of smart solutions. With the use of Tally Based VM, access Tally anywhere.

    Using Tally Based VM, you can run your version of tally online from anywhere at any time from a computer or any device using any OS. We are known as the cloud specialists and we ensure the top-quality performance of your virtual tally on cloud.


    With the help of our Tally Based VM, we manage all your data management with taking the utmost security measures. We monitor and analyze the VMware platform in regular intervals to make sure that connected virtual machines are working efficiently.

    tally based vm

    Tally Based VM Plans

    Best choice
    • Level 1
      • 3250 Monthly
        • 100 GB SSD Space
        • 2 TB Monthly Bandwidth
        • 4 GB Guaranteed Ram
        • Up to 5 Users capacity
        • Processors -4 Vcores
        • Operating system-2012
        • Tally support-24/7
        • Cache-15MB
        • Set Up Fee – free
        • Daily Backup

      • Get Started
    • level 2
      • 4500 Monthly
        • 150 GB SSD Space
        • 2 TB Monthly Bandwidth
        • 8 GB Guaranteed Ram
        • Up to 10 Users capacity
        • Processors – 5 Vcores
        • Operating-system-2012
        • Tally support – 24/7
        • Cache – 15MB
        • Set Up Fee – free
        • Daily Backup

      • Get Started
    • Level 3
      • 6000 Monthly
        • 200 GB SSD Space
        • 2 TB Monthly Bandwidth
        • 16 GB Guaranteed Ram
        • Up to 20 Users capacity
        • Processors – 6 Vcores
        • Operating system – Preferred
        • Tally support- 24/7
        • Cache – 20MB
        • Set Up Fee – free
        • Daily Backup

      • Get Started
    • Level 4
      • 7750 Monthly
        • 250 GB SSD Space
        • 2 TB Monthly Bandwidth
        • 24 GB Guaranteed Ram
        • Up to 30 Users capacity
        • Processors – 6 Vcores
        • Operating system – Preferred
        • Tally support- 24/7
        • Cache – 20MB
        • Set Up Fee – free
        • Daily Backup

      • Get Started
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    Virtual Machine or Server Based

    Get Tally Live Demo For Free

    Each new client/prospect of Tallystack can test the virtual Tally server for free, in order to assess the high quality of our services and to make a decision to buy paid Tally on Cloud services for any version of Tally.


    To start the test period, you need to create a call to +91-9319977273 and get access to the VDS / VPS server. For individuals, the duration of the test period is 3 days, but we can increase this period if you need additional time for testing.


    The basis of our virtualization platform is reliable and productive equipment from Cisco, Dell, ServerStack and ASUS. Your Dedicated Tally VDS / VPS Server will be part of a fault-tolerant infrastructure built by our experienced engineers and connected to the Internet with several high-speed communication channels


    Monitoring and analysis tools for the VMware platform in real time monitor the status of each of the virtual machines in the cloud TallyStack. If a cluster server fails or stops, the virtual machines will automatically start on the other node with a minimum delay, after which your VDS / VPS will return to the “online” state.


    The cloud equipment of TallyStack, on which VDS / VPS servers of clients operate, is located in the best data centers of India, we have 3 Data Centers, which meet strict Tier IV standards, and, therefore, provide complete redundancy of climate systems, power installations and communication channels.


    Using the program interface REST API, the user is able to automate operations to manage their own cloud infrastructure, including virtual machines, networks and data storage.


    Each VPS/VDS server is assigned with a dedicated IP address which allows you to access the server from outside


    Every 10 minutes, the billing system polls the user’s rented TallyStack VDS / VPS servers and writes off the monthly fee for actually consumed resources. Such an online version of a payment system makes hosting flexible and inexpensive, because if VDS / VPS is stopped.


    What does level 2 is your suggestion? Is their any speciality in that? What difference is there with other levels?

    I have suggested the VM based solution. As it is a private cloud for you and your company. Each level has increased an configuration which in turn enhances performance. According to our conversation, I suggested the level 2 vm as that would be efficient and cost-effective for you at the same time.

    What are the private server details & computer requirement & broadband speed if any.

    The level 2 plan consists of 8 GB RAM, 5 VCores & 150 GB storage. You get 2 TB of bandwidth that is renewed each month and the internet speed is 100 MBPS.

    Suppose connection interrupts during entry from outside, it is saved. HOW? Is it confirmed or sometime there is chance of erratic behaviour?

    In case of network fluctuation or even complete hardware failure at your end, the server can be access from another device and the user will pick up exactly where he left off. This is because the work is being done on the server and the server is live 24 by 7.

    Is it possible to mail & take print out during running job & how many printer can be added?

    It is possible to mail and take print out. We use special softwares which make your experience on cloud very smooth.

    List of rights for each sub admin & participants to be ready. Fix target date.

    Ideally, the information for the rights allotment should be given before setup or after migration of data (depending on use case) to avoid any hassle.

    Design remote desktop interface for each user & whether is it possible or not.

    Yes, it is Possible.

    After allotting user id & password, can we change it? Then how can we get online support for troubleshooting?

    The administrator account has all the rights to enable/disable users, including changing passwords. Username cannot be changed once created, however, you can create fresh users. Our support team works 24 x 7 to ensure that we assist you in case the need arises.

    Is there any time period to get online support?

    As discussed earlier, we have a 24 x 7 support team. However, we strictly follow a ticketing system. We urge you to raise a ticket for any issue that you face. This helps us understand the issue and therein provide a faster support experience. Once a ticket is raised, you can reach out to the team through the chat on our website or our 24 x 7 IVR number.

    Is there any challenges in rectifying after making anything wrong?

    I did not understand this question correctly. However in cases such as a user deletes a file by mistake, a software on cloud has malfunctioned, we can always restore data from the backup taken. The backup takes place once everyday and it saves everything on the server instance.

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